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How To Make Skittles Ice Cream. How to make Skittles Vodka! – Tipsy Bartender

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Try some badass SKITTLES VODKA for your next party! Learn how to infuse vodka with tasty Skittles candy. Skittles vodka is sweet enough to drink as a shot, a…
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25 Responses

  1. Minimi31 says

    Hes a goddamn pimp lol

  2. angc4life says

    Skittle Jizz lol!!!!

  3. natalie venegas says

    Taste the rainbow bitches

  4. tyreelol says

    and there we have it?

  5. X13lackjack21 says

    do you fuck all these sexy bitches?

  6. whatup says

    boy, does she want the d

  7. SeattleTyy says

    Can anyone who’s made it recommend a proof of Vodka? Finally got everything
    I need but I have Grey Goose Vodka. It’s been suggested to me that I use a
    cheaper Vodka with a less prominent taste. Can anyone recommend what brand
    I should use or what they used? Thank you for posting the video tho! I
    bought swing top glass bottles off amazon so I could present the Skittles
    vodka as a gift. They’re great looking glass flasks.

  8. TooMuchTechnolagy says


  9. Vivaldicellist says

    Titos isn’t super cheap, but it’s pretty clean, flavor-wise.

  10. Multi18only says

    Every damn video where there is a hot girl in it…. X)

  11. Matheus Dias says

    Does it work with m&m’s? There’s no skittles where i live

  12. GI BioSage says

    Try Jolly Ranchers maybe?

  13. Matheus Dias says

    lol i have never heard of those XD. Here in Brazil we only have m&m’s

  14. João Pedro says

    Skittles tem no brasil si, só é dificil de achar. Só em supermercados bons

  15. Matheus Dias says

    Em Porto Alegre eu não acho em lugar nenhum :(

  16. GI BioSage says

    I did a quick google search, and found something called Fruit’s Candy,
    made by a company called Pietrobon. These look similiar to jolly ranchers,
    and they might work. Really, try any fruity hard candy. M&M’s will not work
    because they’re just chocolate, and have no fruity flavor. I hope this

  17. Matheus Dias says

    Yeah, i found them! Thanks a lot! I’ll let you know if it worked, thanks

  18. GI BioSage says

    No problem.

  19. julio sanchez says

    this female is the definition of a woman

  20. mosultov says

    pick a color. strawberry!

  21. timmy timson says

    Bitch is so fine I wanna suck her DADDY’S dick!

  22. skyler thomas says

    1:24 trying to sound like a gangster.


    I tried your recipe and it work amazing for the last New year party. I made
    a green and pink one :) Hard core stuff, really hits your head! <3?

  24. Jeremy Robison says

    lmfao. hood size. hahahahhah perfect.?

  25. Kaeden McDonald says

    What happened to her?


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