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How To Make Uncooked Ice Cream. How To Make Raw VEGAN Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe : Yummy Mondays – BEXLIFE

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  • How To Make Uncooked Ice Cream. How To Make Raw VEGAN Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe : Yummy Mondays – BEXLIFE


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25 Responses

  1. chatterbeauty says

    @genghisgirl I mean, I would never be able to stop myself from eating it,
    but yeah, it would also have amazing skin benefits for ya!

  2. Rebekah Borucki says

    @pudgebebe Woah!! Where do you live? That’s crazy expensive! I pay about
    $2/kilo for organic :(

  3. Rebekah Borucki says

    @karikalahari Good idea, thank you! This is why I love doing these
    videos… I always get the best feedback and info. I LOVE raspberries…
    I’m going to be experimenting with all kinds of combos in the future.

  4. Rebekah Borucki says

    @MahaNomi You’re right… people get crazy when you feed them vegan food ;)

  5. pudgebebe says

    @genghisgirl australia (: for a while they were around 15/kilo… but now
    they’re dropping gradually, can’t wait until they’re cheap again :D

  6. Rebekah Borucki says

    @MaryHiggs9618 Peanut butter! I have to try that ASAP! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. rosyjewl says

    OMG! This sounds SO yummy! I am also a banana lover; I just ate my last one
    this morning though… :0( Guess I am going grocery shopping tomorrow- lol.
    Thanks for posting this vid., Bex. I can’t wait to try it! :0)

  8. CherryBerry says

    This is an awesome Video!!! Do you think we could freeze it again to get it
    to be a more lika a store bought scoopable ice cream?

  9. Rebekah Borucki says

    @henryblazer20 Yay!

  10. rosyjewl says

    @genghisgirl Will do. Chocolate and banana is one of my favorite
    flavor-combo’s, so I am sure I’ll adore it! :0)

  11. chatterbeauty says

    Ohhhhh yummers! This is gonna sound odd but that would also work as a
    fantastic face mask. Bananas and maple syrup for moisturizing and the cocoa
    for for the antioxidants and would also help with acne!

  12. Rebekah Borucki says

    @chatterbeauty oh my gosh, for real? I’ll definitely have to try that!!

  13. Rebekah Borucki says

    @roanne89 I’m from Jersey :)

  14. Rebekah Borucki says

    @rosyjewl Let me know how you like it!

  15. MaryHiggs9618 says

    @genghisgirl no prob & thank you! Let me know if you like it.

  16. Rebekah Borucki says

    @karikalahari Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing :) xo

  17. Rebekah Borucki says

    @oryanit Thank you for the tips! Pomegranate/mandarin… Yum!!!

  18. Anita Goa says

    @genghisgirl my voice is not back 100% yet. made the dessert and it is
    delicious. so easy and yummy. xo.

  19. Chels33a says

    I alwaaays make ice cream like this haha! so yummy!

  20. pudgebebe says

    why oh why do bananas have to be $10 / kilo at the moment? :O

  21. Alishia Phillips says

    Going to make this right now. Thanks so much! Nice and simple, the way it
    should be :)

  22. MaryHiggs9618 says

    I love using frozen banana to make ice cream. I did this today and added
    peanut butter….yumm! I will definitely try cocoa powder and maple syrup
    next time…thanks for the tip!

  23. Anita Goa says

    looks yummy. i got all the ingredients so this i’m gonna make. i’ve been a
    sickling so this will be a nice treat to bring me back to life. ha ha.
    thank you! xo.

  24. kari finstad says

    @genghisgirl :D Your videos are such an inspiration, and I love reading the
    tips that come up in the comments too! Here’s a little pic of my raspberry
    ice-cream! I use dried mulberries on top for crunchy

  25. kari finstad says

    :) Thanks! I love love love doing this! A tip: cut (or tear) the bananas in
    pieces and put them in a bag before you freeze them. I always keep bags of
    banana bits in the freezer for smoothies and ice creams! Oh, and try adding
    spices like cardamon or a pinch of cayenne. Also love the combo
    bananas/raspberries/dates. Oops, this made me hungry … ;)


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