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How To Make Yellow Cake Ice Cream. How To Make A Rainbow Cake Roll – with yoyomax12

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How to make a colourful rainbow cake roll with delicious whipped cream cheese filling. My rainbow goodies playlist:…
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25 Responses

  1. Anisa Awada says

    ranibow in each slice?

  2. Alyssa Tumbaga says

    Length ways?

  3. Morgan Denney says

    Rainbow in each slice ^^

  4. Vicky Sawman says

    Color slices?

  5. Valerie Keijser says

    I liked the rainbow in each slice better?

  6. Moya McGowan says


  7. Edeline Pantoja says

    Length ways?

  8. KillerBeats Lee says

    I loved the rainbow thing! Thank you I love it!?

  9. Dj Pagne says

    rainbow in each slice!!! :) u make me feel like a kid all over again!
    heheheh thank you for these wonderful recipes :)?

  10. Pshoo Wind says

    Rainbow in each slice :D?

  11. Jhanae Hayletts says

    what is happy cream cheese ? and i liked the one with rainbow in each slice?

  12. Felix ThePanda says

    “Hold the bowl over your head, the egg whites shouldn’t fall out”… You’d
    hope it was really thick before holding over your head…?

  13. Blaise Boyd says

    Rainbow in each slice.?

  14. alysse guevara says

    Or cream cheese ._. But either way you killed him D:?

  15. Czterdzie?cii Cztery says

    it looks like sponge ;]?

  16. Discouraged Girl says

    for serving purposes with no ICING on the cake the side ways where each
    color is your slice guide but if I was gonna cover with whipped cream or
    icing I would go length ways for rainbow in each slice. I’m sure it tasted
    great either way. ?

  17. HELENA5366 says


  18. Christine Watkins says

    cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Mikaylaa Jaegerr says


  20. Lena Angelina Angelina Angelina says

    Great. (^*^)…___*. :(?

  21. Amal Mohamed says


  22. Ahleyah Riwai says

    Rainbow in each slice?

  23. RedXiZherE says

    “stiff peaks”….((lots of giggling))?

  24. Ravali Koti says

    lots of colours?

  25. Nanaki Sangha says

    length ways- rainbow in each slice?


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