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How To Make Yogurt Ice Cream. HOW-TO: Frozen Yogurt Simple Fast Ep. 18 (American) – Elviscooks1980

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If you’re lactose intolerant, on a diet, body building or trying to stay lean, this is a great recipe to get your ice cream fix! Fast and simple, my favorite…

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Homemade Frozen Yogurt Recipes: Delicious, Easy-To-Make & Healthy!

Homemade Frozen Yogurt Recipes: Delicious, Easy-To-Make & Healthy!

If you’re looking for a complete recipe book filled with the top

homemade frozen yogurt recipes, you have come to the right place. Not

only are these recipes easy to make and delicious, but this is something

you can enjoy with your family and friends. You will be in love with

their delicious taste in minutes!

Each of the recipes have complete detailed instructions with list of

ingredients and give you multiple ways to make it in no time at all. No




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25 Responses

  1. Helen-Maria Mahlstein says

    I? wonder if it tastes good with banana?

  2. azPonyboy says

    lol How do you know? its fun for kids? xD

  3. azPonyboy says

    I would call your dance the? “I GOTS frozen yogurt dance!” xD

    lol I want some now.

    My favorite explanatory was “M! The best shit I’v had all day.” lol

    The Sperm Dance is a better name than mine though :)

    Keep eating good *thumbs up*

  4. burlapkwanzaa says

    I like the recipe. Also,? you look hot shirtless. Would you let a subscriber kiss your pecs?

  5. SheriffBones says

    this man knows what’s up.
    home made froyo? is best enjoyed shirtless
    end of story

  6. Sady Brew says

    how can we make this original flavoured??

  7. Sady Brew says

    how can we? make this original flavoured? and can you use a puree machine?

  8. jamblackhall says


  9. Stephanie Isis says

    Good, I’m? going to try with strawberries hehe ^^

  10. WinxAdventureDutch says

    Why cant you cook thise for me!? :P

  11. stupidintellect90 says

    I’m so gonna make this. frozen yogart isn’t big here in the uk as it is in the US, I’ve only had it once and I? was surprised at how ice-creamy it tasted

  12. Emilytheminecraftkid says

    Um, dude, why did you add? me as a contact?

  13. Mike Haggar says

    I got added too, perhaps it’s some kind of? net used by youtube cast out on users who might enjoy channels like this one.

  14. cromerbeach says

    Grow? up

  15. Matt Davidson says

    put at shirt? on you bum

  16. Reckyz Rose says

    gooood work subbed?

  17. Cassandra1821 says

    ?? delicious & easy to prepare ? thanks for sharing :-))

  18. SuperstarIceland says

    Wow, now i know how to make yogourt!!! Hooray.?

  19. Goldenfox Narutos says

    Uhm..dude why did? you add me :/

  20. elviscooks1980 says

    I could ask the Phillies? to keep me on to add to my statistics, but my love for the game won’t let me do that.

  21. Robdie12 says

    Thought this was some copy of HowToBasic.. It’s not :) Properly teaches how to make? it

  22. PhunkyNell says

    Spam my contacts, I dislike you videos. Got it now??

  23. Chloe Jade says

    why? did yoy

  24. elviscooks1980 says

    Thanks for? the views loser.

  25. Iike a boss says

    Why was I? added? o_O


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