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How Can Kids Do Volunteer Work Volunteering in Peru offers exceptional opportunities to live and work in Cusco – Peru. Through the Volunteer Work in Peru …

Question by Julia F: Where can kids volunteer in the Birmingham AL area?
No matter where I look there is no place to find a place for kids to volunteer!

Best answer:

Answer by davidg32
Check the “Birmingham News”, hon….they have lists of places looking for volunteers every day.

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2 Responses

  1. Anna Yap says

    Muchos gracias por tener este video que repasa Volunteering in Peru! Estoy muy emocionada a practicar mi espanol en Peru y trabajo en un centro centro de? servicios medicos!

  2. volunteeringperu says

    Gracias? Anna, tratamos de dar la mayor informacion posible al voluntario para que pueda conocer como es el programa de voluntariado antes que llegue a nuestra ciudad.


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