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Information On How Can Kids Lose Weight Fast For Free

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How Can Kids Lose Weight Fast For Free

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Question by shorty_75140: How could I lose a few inches on my hips and waist?
I need to lose 6 inches to enlist in the Army. I run almost every day, but there isn’t any results. I’ve actually gained weight. How can this be? Now I’m just getting frustrated. A few years ago I could lost weight fast, but now I have two kids.
I don’t eat fast food, fried food, alot of starches, no sodas, no tea, no coffe, no sweets. Nothing.

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Answer by baby blue
well one reason can be is if you eat fast foods than that might be the reason, or if you don’t eat lots if salads than ya…

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    It is hard to argue about extremely good information, and you’ve got presented your points in a very wise way. I personally go along with you on a lot of points you tend to make here and I thank you.

  2. Haralduvc651 says

    you where right Celinda, yep still doing the thing and lost a lot of fat, feeling so good? :P

  3. Andriy Dovzhov says

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  4. nirat shrestha says

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  5. WisdomSquare says

    If anyone is interested, I’ve put together a video debunking the top 6 most common myths surrounding nutrition and getting in shape…? I would love to hear feedback from this community as I plan on continuously adding on to it as I learn more, you can check it out here: wisdom-square(dot)com/how-to-lose-weight-and-belly-fat-fast.html.

    Good luck to you all! :)

  6. gaurav timsina says

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  8. Valentina bianchini says

    How long did? it take you to lose the weight

  9. Deana Osborn says

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