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Make Ice Cream Birthday Cake. How to Make Ice Cream Cake, Oreo Ice Cream Cake (AprilAthena7)

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26 Responses

  1. Makeup to cover rosacea says

    It’s a fantastic honor to go through superior quality content in this day as well as time frame. This particular post offers all the features I personally assume in very good writing. I guess you know you’re truly gifted. Thanks a lot.

  2. 2cool4summer says

    Does it have to be put on a springer how about just a? circular pan?

  3. chor lopez says

    are you partly Filipino?

  4. maip2005 says

    awww this is too cute!!!?

  5. michael gabriel Maico says

    love? your old videos!! cute?!

  6. sole c says

    thank you so much April for? sharing this! I am so excited to make this!

  7. Melanie Braddy says

    she is? full filipino

  8. wondernessful says

    You’ve definitely come a long way, April!! Hehe.? It’s amazing to have seen your growth and success. Continued blessings your way

  9. anika viray says

    “excuse me charlie”… oh she was so cute when she said? that

  10. letty112000 says


  11. cloudy1922 says

    This is toooooo cute April, and don’t pay attention to those mean comments? i’m your friend:-)

  12. Amy Tegchar says

    This is old is this the real April?

  13. AprilAthena7 says

    this is the shy April from 3 years ago, I have really come out of my shell. ?

  14. AprilAthena7 says

    thank? you :D

  15. anaid1628 says

    You’re? so cute April and I love how you call us friends lol :)

  16. Zeina Samarah says

    whats tht? thing moving behind u at 6:45

  17. Krn2409 says

    you’re simply the? cutest April :)

  18. tiannamoore says

    April you have come such a long way! I just? wanted to say congratulations and good luck for the rest of your journey :)

  19. Cerene Jae Diaz says

    You’re? one of the most sweetest woman I have ever seen on Youtube.

  20. anna kirby says

    Thank you April! I have been dying to make an ice cream cake and you made it so? easy…will def try this! Love your style! Thank you!

  21. koolaidqueen139 says

    Look? hard

  22. George Bush says

    Why is your thumbnail nothing like the recipe? ?

  23. Stephanie Ann says

    You look beautiful here? :)

  24. Wendy Dee says

    April you are so? different. I see how your teeth really stopped you from smiling like you said. I missed your happy, beautiful smile from your newer videos. Keep smiling =)

  25. blufuzzzymonstr says


  26. seanviv2 says

    Awesome…this looks delicious! You seem like such a sweetie pie..I love oreo’s and can’t wait? to make this!


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