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Make Ice Cream Games For Girls. Playing with Konapun! #1- Mamegoma Soft Ice Cream

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Hello! Bought this from Isetan Scotts in April 2011. I don’t think they’re still available for sale, but no harm checking out if you’re interested ^_^ Unlike…

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Strawberry Ice Cream – Cooking games

Strawberry Ice Cream - Cooking games

  • Do you love Ice cream? Of course everyone love it, well then come to make your own Strawberry Ice Cream now!

List Price: $ 0.00

Price: $ 0.00



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25 Responses

  1. purplelava2 says


  2. santisss12 says

    no se puedeeee comer….. como van a comer algo que esta hecho de una mierda? de polvito

  3. alexm1313sur says

    Yea? you can. Thats “japan” junk food.

  4. AbdulKhaliq Syed says

    Yup this? website here is just sending out 100% free Pink Apple iPad 3′s for today only.

    But you have to be fill out your email id but it is all real, I claimed my one a few minutes ago. Get in quick!

  5. okamichan02 says

    you CAN eat? it.

  6. herpsenderpsen says

    “Unlike Popin Cookin, Konapun sets are toys and are inedible!” so yeah, you can’t eat it.?

  7. theSuperkirbys7 says

    does it harden?

  8. biggles982 says

    Does the virus come? in turquoise?

  9. Ryan LovesChocolate says

    WTF DUDE.? you are possibly WRONG. If you swallowed this thing,YOUR GONNA DIE. oh and,maybe you tried it and then you died. Happily ever after .

  10. 12lilylove says


  11. Ameri cat says

    Ohh!? free virus! thanks you bro!

  12. Ameri cat says

    Ohh! free virus! thanks? you bro!

  13. zyrraaa says

    Do not eat this” this is not a food children paalala lang. Tao? lang!!!!!!!!!. Sorry:-(

  14. Noor Mohamed says


  15. Noor Mohamed says

    I. Love. The. Verey. My. Dad?

  16. dlfld1235 says

    ???? +_+?

  17. guido7095 says

    is? it eatable?

  18. Giovana Gigi says

    so cute?

  19. veridiana59 says


  20. ???? ??? ??????? says


  21. Malessa Zakaria says

    Where? you buu..

  22. ketfoen says

    This made my day, to see? 2 cute little seals humping on a sticker. Love your videos btw

  23. huyhe tran says

    I thick we can? eat

  24. Creampuff Sweetie says

    are u from? sg?

  25. DarkAngelCookie says

    OOOOMMGGG!? <3 so adorable!


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