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Make Ice Cream Look Like Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger Ice Cream Sundae Recipe with Crazy Toppings

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. altairm1 says


  2. freddywatson says

    Wow…what an interesting twist on a classic american dessert! Never watched this show before..but if BC is involved it’ll be? great to watch. Love seeing him on Recipe Wars!!

  3. lyka0518 says

    i love cheese ice cream:3?

  4. Nadia Swytzky says

    Wait…. What? BC is on this show now too …. Oh that is sooooo awesome I’m gonna havta subscribe to

  5. Nadia Swytzky says

    It if? BC is involved

  6. ChefBCfromDC says

    The Sound of the ingredients in the form of an ice cream sundae are what scared me into a long pause…. However, the end result of the flavor was surprisingly tasty!!! Bring on the rest of the Cheeseburger Food Deconstructed menu….THANK YOU ADRIAN you gave me the greatest holiday? gift ever… a tasty cheeseburger dessert !!!

  7. Natalie Thomas says

    Some of the topings are a bit? odd, but hey, you never know till you try it right?

  8. Adrian bustamante says

    Any time BC? was good having you!

  9. Adrian bustamante says

    Exactly!! try it? at home and please let ,me know what you think!

  10. Adrian bustamante says

    he is tasting all the food for this round? so keep watching!!

  11. Sam Ashby says

    “You know I’m actually really excited to try….(LONG PAUSE)….the sauce” BC DUDE you is hillarious.
    Such a huge fan? of you 2 on Recipe Wars but now that the Mohawk Chef is involved Im watching this channel as well.

  12. Adrian bustamante says

    thank you BC for being our? guinea pig!!!! lol

  13. Adrian bustamante says

    thanks? Sam , BC will actually be doing a special Food Deconstructed as well!

  14. mesahusa says

    hope yall get big? soon.

  15. AnnieNonymus says

    OMGosh I’m yelling at the monitor . .? .
    I’m so inspired :-)

  16. AnnieNonymus says

    That’s what’s missing from my ice cream. More meat. ?

  17. AnnieNonymus says

    I’ve never had so much? fun watching a cooking show.

  18. FoodDeconstructed says

    We’re glad you’re inspired. and that you’re having fun. We didn’t do the beef bacon on a rack because, well, we’ve never cooked beef bacon before so we just followed the recipes exactly. We did chill the ice cream though. The magic of editing just didn’t make? it seem as cold.

  19. Adrian bustamante says

    So happy you are inspired!!!! totally got your back on the bacon rack, just for time we did it this way. And of course we chilled out ice cream :) Gotta love editing. Please keep watching? and hopefully I will keep inspiring.

  20. Adrian bustamante says

    Such an awesome compliment, thanks again for watching!!?

  21. Adrian bustamante says

    Exactly!! check out some of our other episodes, there is plenty of odd and? crazy to see :0

  22. Adrian bustamante says

    I actually do now as well? ;) thanks for watching!!

  23. RocksNFossils4U says

    How awesome to see BC on this show. He’s really a? super entertainer and chef! Will we be seeing more of him on this show, as well as continuing on his Recipe Wars?

  24. FoodDeconstructed says

    while he’s not the regular host of the show, stay tuned to see him on a very special episode to be released in the? coming weeks!

  25. pangilian says

    Imso? hungry


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